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Saturday, October 29th 2005

12:05 PM

donate a jeep for Dr. David and the Hill Tribe patients

allow us to ask you if you can maybe donate a jeep for Dr. David in the Hill Tribe patients, even a used one for remote areas in the hill tribes area. As you maybe know in the moment are many cases with dengue fever her in the northern thailand. I go every week on my own cost in the hill tribes and provide free medical service, but in the moment its are growing a lot and I need some help. We want to set up a mobile clinic by a jeep. The government doesn't provide any help. We offer you to make already by yourself the advertisment at the outfront of the car as a mobile cinic, like ...your company... helps the hill tribes in the northern thailand or similar. I have already all the medical equipment. I just looking for the Jeep Sponsor. I will appreciate any positive response from your site.

Best Regards
Dr. Eddy


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